Terms & conditions of Reptiles Day


This registration is to reserve one or more places for the expo. Every place is formed from a table of 2,00×0,70 m

The cost of a table is 35€ + Tax 22%

Number of tickets to reserved tables or equivalent space:

Tables Passes
1–3 2
4–6 3
7+ 5

Moreover we supply a pass for the car.

An additional pass costs 7€/table.

For technical reasons the plan of the exhibition as well as the arrangement of the individual exhibitors may change without notice from the Staff.

Payment must be made ​​in advance. The payment details will be sent via e-mail. The position of tables, chosen according to the proposed plan will be confirmed only after payment of the same. Paid reservations and later cancellations will be refunded after deduction of expenses. There shall be no refund in case of cancellation less than 30 days after the event.

Setup for the exhibitors

Friday 9.00-19.00, Saturday 7.00-10.00, Sunday 8.00-9.00

The tables not occupied until the opening to the public will be handed to others according to our waiting list. If being late, please contact the organizers otherwise complaints will not be accepted.

Further reservations can not be accepted in future from those who reserve tables and without notice do not show up until the beginning of the expo.

Expo regulations

During Reptiles Day selling or purchasing live animals is only possible under determinate limitations


Forbidden to sell and expose or to carry into the Expo animals which are included the Decree ministerial: 19-4-1996, 15-5-2001, 03-7-2003

Exhibitors who try to expose or to sell animals prohibited will be immediately removed from the expo and their reservation will not be accepted in future.

Selling live animals to persons under the age of 14 is possible exclusively in presence and with the approval of the parents.

The sale of live animals that produce toxic secretion is not possible to persons under the age of 16. Except for those that loose toxicity under captive conditions or are born in captivity.

It is not allowed to sell the following animals to minors under the age of 18:

It's strictly prohibited to take photographs or video on animals, nor to profit, nor for any other purpose.

It is not allowed to feed the animals at the fair with live rodents and or dead. It's allowed to feed lizards, amphibians with crickets or other insects.

It is prohibited to use or to reproduce the Reptiles Day brand and logo without written permission of the organizers.

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